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 Jon Ty's Diary: Vallarian

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PostSubject: Jon Ty's Diary: Vallarian   Sun Mar 15, 2009 12:57 pm


"Stand back, Jon!"
"What are you saying!?"
"...With this forsaken pendant, I can buy you enough time to-"
"No Michael! We're supposed to finish this journey together!"
"Please Jon. Let me do this."
"Go! Unlock your true potential and rid of this evil menace before it's too late!"
His scythe dove unto the ground creating a widespread of green-hued ice particles.
"You messed with the wrong people, Adura."
Suddenly, shards of ice spread and materialized from the scythe's point of impact, resulting in a large dome barrier.

"Now it's time to pay!"
He leaped towards the enemy with great speed and swung his weapon, holding nothing back but his brute strength.



Woah. Not again. With that damn dream.
It was Tian. Dammit, I probably woke her up again. She gets angry when I ruin her 'beauty sleep'.
"Oh! Sorry Tian"
"Jon. It's 3:00am. Did you have that dream again..?"
"Yeah..." I quietly whispered.
"Well! Stop having it! You're always waking me up every night!"
"This is only the second time this week!" I shouted.
"Jon! Don't shout! You'll wake up the neighbors again!"
I stopped. Tian stared at me with her innocent brown eyes while holding up the blanket to cover her chest.
"I...I'm sorry."
"It's okay...Jon." She whispered with a smile.
"It's just...I still can't get over the fact that Michael..."
"2 years, Jon. That happened 2 years ago. You have to let it go."
"I know, Tian. Dammit! If only I was a little stronger, Michael wouldn't have had to use his hidden power!"
"It's not your fault, Jon."
A long yet comfortable moment of silence arose.
"Now come on. Let's go back to sleep." she said and immediately laid back down to rest.
I couldn't go back to sleep. Not with this endless regret lingering behind my every step. I have to do something.

Chapter 1

"Jon!" a voice shouted.
"What!?" I shouted back.
It was Tian. Waking up to see her beautiful face shine in the morning sun every day is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't stress how much I love this girl. And it's awesome that she loves me back. Some day...I'll propose to her and we'll get married!
"Put that away!" she shouted, pointing directly at my crotch.
"Gaaahh!!" I screamed.
"I swear. Every night isn't enough for you, is it?"
"It's not me! It's called a morning wood! Haven't you heard of it?!"
"I'm not in the mood for your inappropriate sex lingo, Jon!"
"It's not sex lingo!"
Abruptly, the door opened and Chris appeared from behind it.
"Sex lingo, huh?" he asked with a smirk.
"C-C-Chris!? What are you doing here?"
"Tian let me in. Seems like you two are having a lot of fun living with each other. Ahahaha."
"Get out of my apartment!"
"Can't let you do that, Jon Ty. We got a job to do."
Damn. It better not be Feety. I'm on vacation! I'm not supposed to be working when I'm on vacation!
"The nerve!" Tian said whilst stamping her foot on the ground.
"Yeah...I'm not so happy about it either." said Chris.
"It's only the second day of our hard-earned vacation, and Feety has to call us again!" pouted Tian.
So I was right! Damn Feety. Well. At least it'll get me off my lazy butt.
"Well. What is it this time?" I asked while putting a shirt over my manly chest.
"Just another robbery."
"Damnit! Shouldn't we just let the cops handle that? Why does Feety have to take away time on OUR vacation!?" I screamed.
"Well, it's not your ordinary robbery."
"What do you mean?"
"The Five Treasures have been stolen"
"Yes. All simultaneously too."
"No way! Liar! The Five Treasures are spread across the entire galaxy! There's no way one person coul-"
"Slow down, Jon Teh. It's probably a huge organization of some sort."
"Pft. No problem. I'll take care of this."
"Pretty confident, aren't you?"
"I'm the Chosen One. Nothing can stop me!"
"Oh Jon..." Tian said, slapping the palm of her hand onto her face.
"Well. Feety says we have two days to do whatever until briefing" said Chris.
"That's fine with me." I said.

Hmmm. The Five Treasures, all stolen simultaneously? Pretty scary. If this organization also manages to retrieve the Ice Mirror, then things are gonna get ugly. I won't let that happen though.

"I'm going to go take a walk, Tian. Chris. You doin anything today?"
"No, Chinaman. Why?"
"I'm going to go visit the others and tell them about the case. Or did you already do that?"
"I was going to right after telling you."
"Looks like we're on the same page! Let's go!"
"Wait!" Chris shouted.
"What about Tian? You're just going to leave her?"
"Well. She likes to stay home an-"
"Don't assume, Jon! I'm going too."
"What a bad Chinese boyfriend you are, assuming and shit" said Chris.
"Shut up! At least I have a girlfriend."
"Hah. Yeah whatever."

We left the apartment and made our way to the nail salon, Nails4U.

Ring Ring! The bell made as we entered the salon. Inside, we saw a familiar face quickly slicing the black hair off of a customer.
"Heeeeyyy!!" Chris shouted.
"Oh, well if it isn't Chris and Jon Ty!"
"Don't forget me!" said Tian with a bright smile.
"Of course! I would never forget you, Tian."
Our dear friend, Lucky. Two years passed since our last journey. He now works as a barber at a Nail Salon. Wait...isn't this a Nail Salon? Why is he cutting hair?
"Wait, Lucky. Isn't this a nail salon? Why are you cutting hair?" I asked.
"You know, you are the bajillionth person to ask that question. I better change the damn name of this place. Hahaha!"
"Haha, of course! Say...where's Trax? Is he late again?"
"He's always late. Actually, he should be coming in any second now."
"I see."
"Alright. What's the deal, guys? I can sense something coming from you three. Is there something you need to tell me?" Lucky asked.
Just as sharp as ever, he is. Or maybe we're just too obvious.
"Yeah. TSGO called, or rather...Feety himself." Chris replied.
"Bah, on your vacation too?"
"Yeah, but the case is rather serious. It's better if we discuss this with Trax here."

A voice came from behind us. A familiar voice. With an accent!
"Sup. Why are you three here?"
"Oh, we came so you can do our nails." I replied happily.
"I see. Well, sit down and I'll get to you."
It's so strange now. Trax used to laugh like a maniac all the time. Almost after every one of his sentences! Now he's seen a psychiatrist. He's not as freaky as he used to be, but sometimes I miss the old him.
"I was kidding. We're here because we need something from you guys"
"What is it?" asked Trax.
"It's pretty serious, and we're going to need you to show up at the underground TSGO base in two days. So that's....Wednesday....Thursday....Friday.."
"Friday? Sounds good to me" said Lucky.
"I got nothing to do, I'll come too" said Trax.
"Awesome. We'll see you there."

We left the salon and walked downtown towards the shooting range. Shirt and Socks are probably over there. I swear, all they do is shoot their little guns. Every single day too.
"Say...have you guys seen Scip and CENSOR lately?" asked Chris.
" that you bring them up...I haven't talked to them in months" Tian replied.
CENSOR and Scip? Hmm...CENSOR......I started to sweat. Oh God, not now. If Tian sees my sweat, she'll suspect something and start screaming at me again. It's not my fault I'm so attracted to Cindy's body. DAMMIT. Not now not now! Like a waterfall, the sweat ran quickly down my body. I had to hide. I have to hide! I quickly made an excuse.
"Uh guys, I gotta...go to the bathroom!" I said and shadowstepped across downtown to the nearest bathroom.
"Phew. I lost them."
"Lost who?"
"Oh shit!" I screamed.
Oh, it was just Chris. I forgot he could also shadowstep.
"Ohhhhh, I know what you're trying to hide from us, or rather...Tian! Hahaha!!" he laughed.
"Shut up! You brought up CENSOR on purpose, jackass!"
"I didn't, I swear! Aren't you curious about where Scip and CENSOR are?"
"Well...kind of."
"Yeah! So wipe off that sweat and let's find everyone, alright?"
"Pft, fine. But stop being so nice to me, it's freaking me out."
"Nice? I just wanna tell everyone quick so I can get to my RPG. Damn, Chink. You think I would be nice to you? Never! Hahaha!"
He shadowstepped back to Tian and I quickly followed.
"What was that all about?" Tian asked.
"Oh nothing!" I replied back.
"HEY! YOU'RE SWEATING, JON." she screamed.
"Wait, what!?"
"Are you thinking of CENSOR!? I bet you are! Stop being so perverted, Jon!"
"Sorry!" I apologized.

She slapped me across the face and walked ahead of us, head high up. Chris was quietly laughing to himself as he walked beside me.
"Shut up." I told him.
"SHUT UP!" I shouted.

Stupidass Vietnamese.
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PostSubject: Re: Jon Ty's Diary: Vallarian   Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:16 pm

fianlly next step. HURRAY!
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PostSubject: Re: Jon Ty's Diary: Vallarian   Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:32 am

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PostSubject: Re: Jon Ty's Diary: Vallarian   Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:48 pm


what is this arcane moniker referencing?!
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PostSubject: Re: Jon Ty's Diary: Vallarian   Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:55 pm


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Jon Ty's Diary: Vallarian
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