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 Triumph, Terror, and Truth

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PostSubject: Triumph, Terror, and Truth   Triumph, Terror, and Truth Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 4:46 pm

story I did for GT English. exciting, eh? just posting some things to get this forum going.

The king and the spirits of the people had fallen. The people urgently required a government to prevent all of France from falling into anarchy, the result of continual class warfare and the oppressive aristocratic class. One man, Maximilien Robespierre, emerged as the dictator of France, head of the Committee of Public Safety and instigator of the infamous reign of Terror.

He - Maximilien Robespierre- had brashly declared that all injustice would succumb in face of his wrath, that he would quell the chaotic riots and crush the false patriots who sought only to commit treason. Tired of complacency and inaction, he had ascertained that terror was the product of this new environment which influenced him unduly; now, terror was the vessel by which he would seize control of his environ. Within the fury of his eyes had dwelled his ultimate dream - complete dissolution of France's enemies; he had resolved to accept the taunts of his perceived enemies no longer. Moral barriers had crashed under his newfound resolution, giving way to a certain fortitude of righteous anger. And with the power inherent within anger he had swayed the people. No shards of resistance to France's glory would be found; both the lamentations of the anguished enemy and the pleading of the tortured public would be silenced. For his plan had united action and purpose; with terror as his weapon, he would impose the virtues of a new republic upon the anachronistic despotism of the aristocratic classes.

Triumphant in his realization, he next appeared in public to impart his exigency to the people. Almost choked with purpose, his words rang with prophecy. Feeding off the emotions of the peoples' emotions and synthesizing them with his own, he described the present crisis and the solution which arose from his present thought.

"We are forgetting the roots that tie us together – we are fast becoming a clan of clans, of separatist factions who would seek to divide us in these uncertain times. Thus we must take and adopt a stance of unity. There are no striking fundamental differences among us and our brethren, only the barriers which foes would seek to sow behind our lines. For anarchy itself is the product of our enemies' actions."

Then he proclaimed his plan for creating a republic of virtue out of France. He asserted that he would eradicate all enemies; he would not even settle for decimation, the reduction of the enemy's strength to a feeble tenth.

"Purpose and action must be united to promote justice and righteous virtue. To experience purpose without action and action without purpose is to be torn apart. Already the fissures of France have been revealed."

The public was swayed by the abstract principles of virtue and justice, but the public was ignorant of his implementation. Action was construed as terror, an omnipresent fear which restrained the citizens in free will. With terror married to virtue, his reign had been known fittingly as the Reign of Terror. The march against injustice had begun and the thousands of executions had commenced, progressing one by one, until by some macabre irony, he had arrived at the scene of his own execution.

His reflection of the past was not enough to escape his current predicament; he could not dive headfirst into the pool which mirrored his life and his thoughts. The progressions of the past, now culminated in the future, had worked against him. The changes which had struck down his predecessors now struck him down. He had sought to redefine society as the republic he envisioned, influencing societal values as an external dictator, but society had instead redefined him, entrapping him as a prisoner. Invisible shackles halted his thought even as physical shackles affixed him to the guillotine. He was surrounded by a crowd of eager onlookers, no longer as the proud de facto ruler, but instead hunched facedown as a martyr. Each citizen silently cast judgement upon him - either inwardly praising or damning his legacy. As the iron sickle closed in for the kill with breathtaking efficacy, he saw his last "T" - the terror he had imposed on others but had never experienced himself, the terror that he met now, instead of triumph.

Thusly the people of France faced an uncertain future. Was yet another to assume the mantle of leadership, or would the aristocracy ascend to power once again? Despite the meddlings of mankind, the “T” held one more meaning still. Cloaked beneath the interpretations of man, to be revealed in all due course, to be uncovered gradually in the struggle of future generations, laid truth.
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PostSubject: Re: Triumph, Terror, and Truth   Triumph, Terror, and Truth Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 4:53 pm

Holy crap. I like the second to last paragraph.

Holy crap once more. You're an amazing writer. It's like super well-done with a bunch of big words without making it seem like you used a thesaurus or something to make yourself sound smart. (like this one dude at school)

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Triumph, Terror, and Truth
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